A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Sick of being sat on and getting crumbs and drinks spilled on you, you, a lonely couch, strive to escape this awful office.

This is... Couch Simulator 2018 (new and improved from last years edition)

WASD - Movement
Up/Down/Left/Right: Toggle rotation (all buttons do the same thing)

Objective: Reach the top right (exit) of the office without being spotted by the office workers (who will push you back to where you were originally if caught)

Alt + F4 to exit

If you have more than 1 monitor you must disconnect all extras for the game to function correctly (probably)


CouchSimulator2018.jar (Double clickable) 4 MB
Complete (game + exec scripts + source code + resources) 4 MB

Install instructions

To run:

  1. >> Try double clicking the jar file << (if default program to open is not java, right click -> open with -> find java)
  2. If that doesn't work, try executing the appropriate shell script (included in the "complete" package

^ this just executes

java -jar CouchSimulator2018.jar

in the terminal.

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